Alyn Gwyndaf

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Voice Portfolio (MP3 format)



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Duration (Size)
Poetry Shakespeare - Sonnet 138 1'5" (387kb)
Poetry Tony Harrison - 'Still' 1'4" (381kb)
Drama David Hare - The Great Exhibition 1'7" (394kb)
Drama Peter Barnes - The Ruling Class 2'36" (918kb)
Commercial Volkswagen 'quiz show' 0'44" (261kb)
Commercial Think Electric 'absolute bliss' 1'3" (370kb)
Commercial Crisis 'sales queue' 1'0" (354kb)
Commercial Direct Line pooled savings 0'20" (122kb)
Corporate Greene King business report 1'30" (531kb)
Computer Game Interactive Gigazones welcome 1'10" (411kb)
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Other Voice Credits

Letter readings Today programme Sancha Berg BBC Radio 4
Ambient commercials The Cost of Living Max Hochrad Forman Enterprises
Dying Man End Beginning Pete Gomes Mutant Film
Narrator Dialog (animation) Stephen Irwin Smalltime Inc
Ed 6 (robot) Friends (animation) Pamela Hall Life Education Centres
The Brain (organ) Meet the Brain (animation) Pamela Hall Life Education Centres