Alyn Gwyndaf

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Born in North Wales to a farming background, Alyn grew up in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, attending the local comprehensive, carrying out an apprenticeship in Engineering, and winning a scholarship to study at Cambridge University.

Arriving in London, he made a living as a cycle courier and dishwasher, before moving on to public sector administration and management in recruitment, finance, training and education. Concurrently, he began developing his interest in performance, initially through physical theatre and improvisation, then gradually incorporating a vocal dimension.

Curious about the possibilities of digital information and communication, he began postgraduate study in this field, going on to work with data and information, before setting up South London's first public digital arts centre in Beckenham, just as the internet was starting to take off. Meanwhile, he continued to work as a visiting lecturer for the University of Westminster, focusing on information, operations and project management.

After gaining a First in English from Birkbeck, Alyn put his performance training into practice, working primarily as an actor, typically on exploratory or experimental projects, drawing on the sensibilities of his physical theatre background. Alongside this, he has developed a media practice typically tackling niche projects that fall outside traditional design or digital agencies.


Current Practice

Recently, his practice has begun to pull together these diverse strands of experience, combining creative, production and practical engineering skills. Typically focused on live performance, pulling in analogue or digital elements as required, Alyn also works with other companies and artists to help develop and realise projects, contribute specific knowledge, or provide a sounding-board to help clarify thinking.